Electric Car Charger Installation in Montreal and the GMA (South Shore, Laval, Hudson, Vaudreuil and more)

Moore Électrique is your go-to company for any and all electric car charger needs. We can even source and order all EV chargers for you (except for Tesla, we can install Tesla but not source it for you).

Ready to get started? Let’s follow the next simple steps:

  • Introduction and assessment with our team: In order to ensure that you get the right charger for your car, we invite you to consult our team of specialists. The Moore Électrique team will make sure you have the right charger, perfectly installed and ready for use once your car is delivered. We are here to make this process easy, seamless, hassle-free and efficient.
  • Picking the right charger: There are several devices to charge an electric vehicle, from the base charging station, known as level 1, to the very fast DC charging station. Most electric car companies recommend a 240V circuit as it charges your car more efficiently in less amount of time. These chargers are generally referred to as level 2 aka Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment. Take the time to talk to your electrician about your energy needs to determine what’s best for your car before making any purchases. Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority always!
  • Before the installation, Moore Électrique’s team of highly qualified electricians will ensure that your home has the power to provide a charging station for your electric vehicle. Do you have any questions? Ask one of our customer service reps and make an appointment with one of our electricians.